Whether to work with Google AdWords or avoid it as hell is probably the most frequently asked question among Russian marketing managers. Some of them consider it to be too complicated, others don’t like its interface, the third are simply devoted to Direct. If it seems impossible to work it out with AdWords and it is necessary, try practical approach. Not that we incline you to cheat or something. 11 cynical practical tips from Brad Greddes, a world-famous marketing specialist, the author of ‘Advanced Google AdWords’. 

Tip 1. More info, less ads. 

People are no longer capable of taking in today's amount of advertising, dumping them out of the TV, radio and the Internet. What if we present advertizing not as advertizing but as information? If this is how you work with AdWords, you can count on high click and conversion rate. 

Tip 2. Know the keywords

Every keyword has its place in the sales funnel. To make a reasonable choice you should realize what stage of the funnel it is for. You should choose a promotional message for each custom cycle. 

Tip 3. Make the best of Google 

Do not confine to Google AdWords. Turn to additional means like Google Trends. This means will help you even when all the rest give up - when you need to pick the exact promise in your promotional messages or compare the volume of the market anywhere in the world. 

Tip 4. Allure 

Even if the promotional message is profitable and has good CTR - do not be afraid of experiments. Go on working on the text, experience new methods and techniques, search for the superlative degree of the advertizing text. 

Tip 5. Convert the landing pages 

Share traffic with Google AdWords on search, navigation and information requests. 

Tip 6. Add the synergy effect between the advertising message and the landing page 

If the cosy ad goes in contrast with what you offer on the landing page - forget about the customers. Remember - no link dumps and no cheating with higher discounts. A promotional message should correspond the information on the landing page. 

Tip 7. Quality index über alles 

To increase advertizing rate, you should either increase stakes or the quality index. Brad Geddes recommends to use the following techniques: 1. If the quality index is low, try to optimize it without increasing the stakes. 2. If the quality index is high, increase maximum click cost. Make sure the new stakes do not decrease the keywords profit. 

Tip 8. More than words 

Enrich the text with pictures, videos and do not neglect mobile advertizing. Remember, when registering in classfield sites, they said an image increases conversion 4 times. Maybe not 4 times but the logic is clear. 

Tip 9. Engage the Display Network

If you worked with the DN, try advanced techniques in working with it. For example, you may collect a report on the effectiveness of the placement on the site. If there is no profit, take steps to improve the return on it or block shows. If there is profit, block the site in a test campaign and add it to the main one.

Tip 10. Distinguish DN and Google Search 

A questionable advice from Brad Geddes. Any campaign must be targeted to show either in the Google Search or DN, but not both simultaneously. 

Tip 11. Expand territory

Use a combination of geo-targeting and exclusion of regions to show to organize advertising campaigns and guarantee coverage of target regions.

Author: Anton Romanov

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