If you look for the contractor for the website service, besides, the 1C-Bitrix-based one, practically every site of web studio offers you something like “we will support the site and live happily ever after”. And that’s not the work of the devil.

It is a real opportunity for you to choose from all set of services, and for the web studio – a chance to receive the “long-lasting” client, i.e. you. There is a catch - developers tell reluctantly about the division of technical support as it is and the CMS technical support.

In this small article we will talk not only about the service of the Bitrix-based websites, but also about how to save on it. Certainly, within reasonable limits.

1. The section “F.A.Q. of the Bitrix-based site. Of course, if you have got the database of your site crashed on the night of the Black Friday, this section is not for you. It contains only most general questions about 1C-Bitrix CMS operations, licensing, and an edition choice. Look through, study.

Ошибка при обновлении

2. 1C-Bitrix CMS PHP Documentation. If you don't need to train a good hundred of staff to operate the CMS, this section will help you. For content managers, administrators and developers it contains learning materials with detailed practical examples and recommendations, descriptions of components and settings of the CMS of a website.

For content managers: information about authorization, controls, structure management, visual editor, information units and components.

While training your content manager pay attention to the sections “Practice” and “Typical Errors”. Theory remains theory, and practice work never hurt anyone. Examples will help content managers to master the system in a better way and debug operation according to most standard tasks. For example, loading photos or embedding third-party video.

For administrators: general information about system management: in total from the installation and setup to the organization and service of the virtual shop. Certainly, there are a couple of real examples.

For developers: documentation is given in the form of the file system API. If you have no regular developers, you can skip this section. It’s better to use professional services in technical support

Notification: we recommend using online-edition of documentation. In comparison with the alternative CHM file it may contain more up-to-date information, so it will help to find the solution of your task quicker.

Множественная загрузка при обновлении

3. 1С-Bitrix Support Center. When we asked some of our clients, whether they know about this center – there was almost the only answer in 90% of cases: “No, we haven't heard about it”. The remaining 10% heard something, but were not deeply involved in the service.

It’s impossible to break in technical support with phrases like “we purchased “Start” edition, carried out SEO and have no sales” or “the menu on the home page doesn't emerge”. With that kind of questions it is necessary to go to the site developer, to the company providing tech support, to a hoster or SEO specialists. 1C-Bitrix Support Center specialists process requests connected with the service of the 1C-Bitrix-based websites free of charge.

What problems does 1C-Bitrix Support Center process?

1. Installation and setting: installation of the CMS on the server; consultations on the choice of the server software; recommendations about typical errors while installation.

2. Questions of performance improving: consultations on the choice of the server software and lowering loads on the site.

3. 1C-Bitrix CMS updating: help and solution of the problems of installation of license keys and elimination of failures after updating.

4. Errors in the program service: search and elimination of the reasons which led to the system failure, diagnostics and elimination of errors.

5. Development: consultations concerning use of API CMS modules and also questions of its integration with web design.

6. Theoretical questions: licensing, security settings and multisite CMS, consultations on functionality of modules and operation with documentation.

Who can expect support?


As Bitrix Tech Support works according to the set levels of service of SLA (Service Level Agreement), response time to each request will differ, depending on your belonging to this or that level.

•    Standard support for commercial clients. Any problems, which arose when using 1C-Bitrix CMS and aren't described earlier in documentation on the site of Bitrix, are considered. Response time: up to 6 hours.

•    First line support for commercial clients in decision of crucial questions in resource operation: inoperable administration or public page of the website. Response time: up to 4 hours.

•    VIP-support for commercial clients. It’s provided only to users of “Web-cluster” edition. Response time: up to 2 hours.

•    Special requests. Only owners of “Web-cluster” edition can use them. Response time: round the clock, up to 1 hour.

•    Noncommercial user support of a trial version of 1C-Bitrix CMS. It’s provided only on general questions of CMS operation. Response time: up to 24 hours.

•    Consultation on general questions of programming, and also on creation and development of 1C-Bitrix CMS projects.

How to send a request in tech support?

It’s possible to submit a request to the Bitrix technical support in two ways:1) through “Request Wizard”; 2) through the link “Technical support” on the administration page of your site.

Ссылка "Техподдержка"

Tech support on the administration page of Bitrix

Мастер обращений

“Request Wizard”

Don’t forget to mention the following in the request: 

1. The description of a problem

2. Web address where the problem is observed

3. The used 1C-Bitrix CMS edition

4. Screenshots (JPG, PNG, GIF)

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. These three quite enough easy ways will help you not only to understand the principles of the CMS in a better way, but also to save on its service.

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